Warren Throckmorton is Out at Patheos

ThrockYesterday the religion website Patheos pulled the plug on Warren Throckmorton.

Some of you know Throckmorton’s work as an evangelical watchdog, especially as it related to his coverage of GOP activist David Barton, Mark Driscoll and his now-defunct Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and lawsuits related to Gospel for Asia.

Patheos told the Grove City College psychology professor that his blog no longer fit its “strategic objectives.”  Throckmorton has moved his content to a new site.  Here is his first post:

I hope to have more to say about it soon but for now, I can report that I am blogging here now at wthrockmorton.com.  Patheos leadership informed me yesterday that my blog no longer fit their “strategic objectives.” Since I don’t know what those are, I can’t say how I didn’t fit them.

In any case, thanks to friend J.D. Smith, the blog was quickly migrated with the content to this ad free site. The downside is that I have been unable as yet to find out from Patheos how to get my comments moved along with the posts.

What a strange turn of events. Patheos was at the center of the Mars Hill Church and Gospel for Asia stories and now they host Mark Driscoll and K.P. Yohannan. All of the those Patheos links about Mars Hill and GFA are now erased. The content is here and archived elsewhere but admittedly, it will be harder to find.

This is indeed a really strange development.  I am awaiting some kind of official word from Patheos about why it released Throckmorton.

5 thoughts on “Warren Throckmorton is Out at Patheos

  1. Patheos seems to have doubled-down on its declaration of a new “ideology.” Looking forward to understanding more human behavior with the Professor. This is timely grist for the therapy mill.


  2. Definitely the NRA. If you knew nothing about these ladies, and nothing about 1870s history, you still wouldn’t give them any credibility, due to their beyond hilarious assertion that Hillary essentially gave the Russkies the bomb.


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