Reverend Michael Curry Stole the Show at Today’s Royal Wedding

I finally got a chance to watch Rev. Michael Curry‘s sermon at this morning’s royal wedding.  Wow!

The message itself was not particularly groundbreaking, but the occasion made it more powerful than it would have been if Curry preached the same sermon at his church in the United States.  I also thought Curry was pretty constrained when compared to what I know of the African-American prophetic preaching tradition. Having said that, an African-American preacher amid the royal family was amazing to watch.  And I am also glad that a billion people around the world got to hear a sermon about the redemptive power of love.

Quick thoughts:

  • Meghan Markle’s face said it all.  The ambassador for the evangelical relief agency World Vision clearly enjoyed Curry’s sermon.
  • Harry also seemed to enjoy the sermon, but his facial expression communicated something like: “I am OK with this, but I’d like it to be over soon.”
  • Many of the royals were clearly squirming as Curry preached.
  • Oprah was fully engaged with Curry’s message.
  • Kate seemed to secretly enjoy the fact that the royal family was squirming.

Curry stole the show with his authenticity in this setting.

3 thoughts on “Reverend Michael Curry Stole the Show at Today’s Royal Wedding

  1. John:

    In case you didn’t already know, Chris Gehrz (The Pietist Schoolman) quotes from your blog saying:
    “Or consider this blog post from John Fea, by any measure one of the most prominent evangelical scholars on the Internet”. !
    Also – just in case you missed it, there is a GREAT review of the sermon by rabbi Jeffrey Salkin on RNS.
    – Dave


  2. I watched it live. I must confess, I was not familiar with his roots…I early on thought he was from elsewhere in the Commonwealth., As his message developed I thought ‘wow’ , this not your typical sermon expected in an Anglican Chapel…I had to wonder how the Queen Mother was receiving the comment on slsvery… I later learned they were not in the original prepared message. I totally agree with the blog perception!!!


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