Is Mervis Gobbles a Real Person?

Earlier today I posted this album cover:


John Haas wonders if this album is legit:

Haas is right.  This is suspicious.  I have searched for Mervis Gobbles on Google, Google Books, and several other databases for which I have access.  I can’t find anything about him anywhere.

Is this a fake?  Or has anyone ever heard of Gobbles or his group?

3 thoughts on “Is Mervis Gobbles a Real Person?

  1. Well, turns out it was a photoshop hoax! Someone has a lot of spare time on his hands. But my point remains. There were a ton of obscure gospel groups out there in the 60s and 70s, each with cheap albums to promote, many of which had cheesy titles and covers.


  2. John, I grew up in rural Arkansas back in the 60s and 70s when gospel quartets, each with their own albums (Always “5.00 or three for 10!”), were everywhere. Some, like the Goodmans or The Dixie Echoes, were prominent, while so many others were simply based out of a local church and had local followings. The fact that they had an album is insignificant; there were tons of obscure groups like that.

    It may be that this is a photoshop and internet hoax, but just because they don’t show up in any search doesn’t necessarily mean so. Just my two cents.


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