Quick Thoughts on Paige Patterson’s “Apology”


If you don’t know why Paige Patterson is apologizing, get up to speed here.

Here is the apology:

Pastoral ministry that occurred 54 years ago, repeated as an illustration in sermons on more than one occasion, as well as another sermon illustration used to try to explain a Hebrew word (Heb. banah “build or construct,” Gen. 2:22) have obviously been hurtful to women in several possible ways. I wish to apologize to every woman who has been wounded by anything I have said that was inappropriate or that lacked clarity. We live in a world of hurt and sorrow, and the last thing that I need to do is add to anyone’s heartache. Please forgive the failure to be as thoughtful and careful in my extemporaneous expression as I should have been.

I would also like to reiterate the simple truth that I utterly reject any form of abuse in demeaning or threatening talk, in physical blows, or in forced sexual acts. There is no excuse for anyone to use intemperate language or to attempt to injure another person. The Spirit of Christ is one of comfort, kindness, encouragement, truth, and grace; and that is what I desire my voice always to be. 

To all people I offer my apology, but especially to women, to the family of Southern Baptists, my friends and the churches. I sincerely pray that somehow this apology will show my heart and may strengthen you in the love and graciousness of Christ. 

Two quick thoughts:

  1.  Nowhere in this “apology” does Patterson admit to doing anything wrong.  Warren Throckmorton is on it.
  2.  Alan Noble had a great comment on his Facebook page:  “Since I am not in the SBC and I am not directly affected by his actions and statements, I will defer to those closer to the situation to evaluate this apology. However, I do feel obligated to point out that the first few lines of this apology are almost incoherent. I had to reread them four times and then guess at his point.”