Robert Jeffress, Dispensationalism, and the American Embassy in Jerusalem

This morning court evangelical Robert Jeffress appeared on Fox and Friends to talk about Monday’s opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem.  Jeffress will say a public prayer at the event.

I watched Jeffress’s appearance on Fox and Friends and it led me to embark on a small Twitter rant.  Here it is:

I touch on some of this stuff in my forthcoming Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.  Don’t forget to pre-order at your favorite bookstore.  The book releases on June 28.

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4 thoughts on “Robert Jeffress, Dispensationalism, and the American Embassy in Jerusalem

  1. I wonder what you think of Robert O. Smith’s argument that Dispensationalism itself is not in fact the main source of modern Christian Zionism, but rather that it emerges from a presumed link between Israel and America (and, before that, Britain and Israel) as the twin chosen nations. In other words, modern Christian Zionism is nourished by Evangelical nationalism (and even Christian imperialism) as much as it is by Dispensationalism.

    Early British Zionists such as Lord Shaftesbury were not Dispensationalist, but they certainly did have a sense of Britain’s theo-imperial role in the Middle East. And that oft-cited Genesis text is normally interpreted as being about God blessing America if America blesses Israel. This is not actually a Dispensationalist claim, as such… Indeed, the early Dispensationaists were very skeptical of Christian nationalism.

    I am thus inclined to give Jefress the benefit of the doubt when he says end times theology does not feature in his circles as highly as some might suspect. After all, not all Christian Zionist organizations are Dispensationalist. My argument here is not that Dispensationalism hasn’t shaped and been a major carrier of Christian Zionism — clearly it has — but it has merged with the “chosen nationism” of the Anglo-American tradition to produce a pro-Israel policy that potentially floats free of Dispensationalism strictly defined.


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