A Recent Southwestern Baptist Seminary Graduate Urges Paige Patterson to Resign


Lee Enochs, a 2014 graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has an op-ed in the San Antonio Express-News calling for the resignation of seminary president Paige Patterson after a series of controversial remarks.  (Get up to speed here).

Here is a taste:

I am an alumnus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where Patterson’s very image is imprinted on the stained-glass window of the new chapel building and where he reigns unquestioned as supreme over every aspect of life, ministry and education. So, I know some of my fellow alumni and former professors will be utterly shocked that I would dare to question a living Southern Baptist patriarch.

I am aware that many of my Southern Baptist peers will severely chasten me for speaking out against one of the most powerful men in America’s largest Protestant denomination.

However, as someone who applauds the recent Time’s Up movement and #MeToo movement, I can no longer remain silent about Patterson’s imprudent and ill-advised comments, which could endanger the very lives of women. For the sake of women everywhere, I must now take a stand and say that it is absolutely deplorable that a leader of one of America’s largest Southern Baptist seminaries has advocated that women remain in their abusive and unsafe circumstances.

The great tragedy of this whole ordeal is that the revelation of this audiotape is not new. I and many of my fellow alumni have known about Patterson’s comments on abused women for years, but have lived in fear of questioning one of the most powerful leaders in the history of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The truth is that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and many other Southern Baptist schools do not allow their students to exercise their First Amendment right of free speech but censor any dissent or deviation from their agenda.

Yet, because I care about the safety of women throughout America, I cannot remain silent and am now calling for Patterson to resign immediately.

Read the entire piece here.  Patterson’s world is collapsing around him.

2 thoughts on “A Recent Southwestern Baptist Seminary Graduate Urges Paige Patterson to Resign

  1. “…Patterson’s very image is imprinted on the stained-glass window of the new chapel building…”

    Between the prosperity gospel adherents, shameless and morally-devoid Trump supporters, and things like enshrining seminary presidents in a house of worship in the same stained glass panels as Jesus and the deciples, it looks like much of (Evangelical?) Christianity is no more than a cult of personality, temporal power and money worship. Sad. If only there were a Holy book that could be called upon for guidance.


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