What is Happening at Ohio Christian University and Columbia International University?

Ohio Christian

Mark Smith and Doug Smith with Donald Trump

How did this guy land at another Christian college?

Perhaps we should change the title of this post to “What is Happening at Columbia International University” (formerly Columbia Bible College, a flagship institution of the Bible College movement).

Inside Higher Ed is reporting that Doug Smith, the son of Ohio Christian University president Mark Smith, has been accused of all kinds of misconduct.  Mark Smith worked for Ohio Christian University.  When Ohio Christian University’s general counsel investigated the allegation against Doug Smith, he was fired by Mark Smith.

Mark Smith is now the president of Columbia International and Doug Smith is also employed by the school.

Here is a taste of the Inside Higher Ed piece:

Among the accusations detailed in the lawsuit about Doug Smith are that he:

  • Told a co-worker that “I hate black people” and that “all black people act like they are entitled to everything.”
  • Told a co-worker he hated Mexican people and viewed them as freeloaders.
  • Told a co-worker he hated gay people.
  • Made jokes about Jewish people, including pretending to speak Hebrew in a mocking tone. Further, he is said to have told a co-worker who dropped a ladder to “stop being such a Jew.”
  • Told a co-worker that another co-worker had been hired for being sexually promiscuous. Then he is alleged to have tried to put his finger in the mouth of another female co-worker. When she stopped him from doing so, he reportedly said, “That was a slut test. If they close their mouth, they are a slut.”
  • Attempted several times to take photographs of a female co-worker’s behind, and after obtaining such a photo, posted it to social media with the caption, “This is why we hire women.” (The lawsuit says that some time later Doug Smith deleted his social media accounts.)

Read the entire piece here.

If the picture we obtained is any indication, the Smiths seem to love Donald Trump.

It is also worth noting that Ohio Christian University is recommended by GOP activist David Barton as one of a dozen colleges and universities that “are right biblically.”