Court Evangelical Franklin Graham: Trump’s Affair With Stormy Daniels is “Nobody’s Business”

Here Franklin Graham talking to the Associated Press:

Two quick thoughts:

1. Franklin Graham has made a lot of things his “business” over the years–homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, immigration, Muslims, etc….  But when it comes to Trump he has suddenly become a libertarian.

2. Franklin Graham believes that God put Donald Trump in the Oval Office for a reason and we should thus support him.   OK, let’s say that God did put Trump in the White House as part of His divine plan.  I am sure there are many readers of this blog who believe this at some level.  The court evangelicals believe Trump is in office to defend religious liberty and the free market, end gay marriage and abortion, and restore America to its so-called “Christian roots.”  But what if God put Trump in office to reveal the hypocrisy of American Christians, to call people back to true biblical faith, or to bring an end to a sinful United States of America?  This is the problem with trying to discern God’s providence.  As Ambrose Bierce put it, providence is an idea that is “unexpectedly and consciously beneficial to the person so describing it.”

2 thoughts on “Court Evangelical Franklin Graham: Trump’s Affair With Stormy Daniels is “Nobody’s Business”

  1. Interesting to hear him say that he thinks the Republicans going after Clinton back in the ’90s was a mistake. I do find some nuance in the fact that Clinton committed his acts while president and this stuff regarding Trump is some 10 years in the past.

    I’m not sure that’s enough to dismiss the charges of hypocrisy, however.


  2. John the Baptist made Herod’s behavior his business. What Trump does is everyone’s business. Franklin Graham is wrong. His father he is not.


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