The Trump Administration Artist

Trump artist

This stuff is really strange.  Here is a taste of Ryan Cunningham’s piece at The Outline:

Utah-based artist Jon McNaughton is a zealous Donald Trump admirer, alternately depicting the president as a gallant statesman, an impassioned defender of tattered American flags, and a unwavering opponent of losers. Though McNaughton has been lauded by Trump confidant and esteemed art critic Sean Hannity and conservative news outlets, his work has earned him a fair share of detractorsas well. On the artist bio on his website, he divides his audience into three groups: “Those who like [his art], those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand.”

McNaughton’s latest work, called “Teach a Man to Fish,” depicts a gentler side of the President. The U.S. president is seen sitting on a park bench, instructing a dopey-looking white fellow on the basics of fishing. Because evidently his liberal college education isn’t going to put food on the table, the forlorn college bro has cast aside his required textbooks — “Socialism” and “Justice Warrior” are the titles on the spines — to gaze longingly at Trump’s impressive tackle box. Ever the patient teacher, the saintly Donald extends a golden fish hook to the spiritually bereft man. I’m not sure if Trump has ever gone fishing in real life, putting aside his legendary affection for “fish delight” sandwiches. But his formal attire in this imaginary scenario suggests he’d be a highly overdressed fisherman.

“There has not been a better time in our lifetime to prosper than today,” McNaughton says of the inspiration behind the work in an explanatory video, talking over inspirational music and patriotic stock images. “The economy is growing. And Trump has suggested through his educational policy that people can be taught a skilled vocation,” he adds, perhaps referring to the time Trump conflated community colleges with vocational schools.

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2 thoughts on “The Trump Administration Artist

  1. I thought I’d seen something like this before, so I went and poked around the artist’s website at some of his work. It really reminds me of Mormon art. Firstly, the style would not be out of place hanging in a Mormon meeting house among the official LDS art. Secondly, and more strikingly, is the seamless blending of historical and modern, biblical and American seems like a non-sequitur to an outsider like me, but is a hallmark of Mormon theology and thought, from the Book of Mormon to now. (I’ve been hoping John Turner would do a piece on Mormon art at the Anxious Bench.)

    Note that I didn’t find any evidence on his website that the artist is, in fact, Mormon, except that he’s from Utah. There is a recent painting of Billy Graham, which would seem to suggest he’s not, but then I recently heard C.S. Lewis quoted in General Conference, so who knows?


  2. My heavens. Could there possibly be anything more idolatrous than Trump crushing the head of the serpent beneath his heel in the first picture? That is overtly identifying Trump as the Messiah of Genesis 3:15. Please tell me that the court evangelicals and other Christian Trump supporters haven’t yet gone this far . . .

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