The Hypocrisy of It All


A few tweets related to Michelle Wolf’s routine at the White House National Correspondence Dinner:

The post I wrote yesterday on Wolf’s comedy routine is getting a lot of hits and it is getting hammered from both sides.  Some do not like my criticism of Wolf’s crudeness and vulgarity.  Others don’t like that I did not criticize her hard enough.  As for me, I think I am right where I want to be.

Wolfe’s routine represents an unwelcome coarsening of our culture.  But let’s not pretend that her vulgarity is any different from the kind of garbage the President of the United States spews forth on a regular basis.

The court evangelicals who are angry at Wolfe today are the same folks who tolerate Trump’s vulgarity.  By supporting this man they are just as culpable as Wolfe for the coarsening of our culture.   The 81% of evangelicals who voted for Trump in 2016 made a Faustian bargain–they exchanged common decency in public discourse for a pile of federal justices.

2 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of It All

  1. To be honest it is a relief to see someone from within the evangelical community holding these toxic court evangelicals accountable. When Trump is no longer president the stain of his influence will still mark the religious coalition that validated him. The rest of us will still remember the difference between what they preach and what they practice. But the fact that someone from within the Christian community can see that something has gone terribly wrong–and has the courage to say so publicly–gives me more hope for the future of the country and the church.

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