America Got What It Deserved Last Night


Michelle Wolf’s comedy routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night was raunchy and crude.

Donald Trump is a raunchy and crude president.

America got what it deserves last night.

While the journalists were gathered in Washington D.C. anticipating Wolf’s X-rated routine, Donald Trump was in Washington Township, Michigan threatening a U,S. Senator and basking in his follower’s chants of “Nobel, Nobel, Nobel.”  I am sure there were many evangelical Christians in the room last night cheering for the president.  This was perhaps the saddest part of the whole night.  (And I would say the same thing about evangelical Christians who make an idol of a Democratic politician).

Those conservative evangelicals in Washington Township who returned home and watched Michelle Wolf’s raw and vulgar performance ought to remember the character of the man for whom they cheered earlier in the evening.  Please spare me the moral outrage.  Thank you.

This is the kind of culture in which we now live.  I don’t think I am engaging in an exercise of nostalgia to suggest that common decency is in decline–maybe free-fall–in American public life.

5 thoughts on “America Got What It Deserved Last Night

  1. Scottus: There will always be people who will scream and yell and speak with a prophetic voice against injustice. This is perfectly justified and at times it is absolutely necessary. American history is filled with these people and we should think of their actions as heroic. There is certainly room for this kind of action under the guise of common decency.


  2. Paul: Totally agree with your points about lynching in the past, etc. Anyone who follows my work knows how strongly I have spoken-out about the moral and historical problems with the phrase “Make America Great Again.” This criticism is central to my forthcoming critique of Trump in *Believe Me*. But public discourse has also changed over time and, in my opinion, it has gotten worse. And since this is my blog that is the position I have put forward in this post. Of course you may think that the vulgarity and coarseness of Trump and Wolfe is a sign of progress. You are welcome to believe that, but let’s not pretend that things have not changed.


  3. How do you define decency? Was the country more decent when lynching was not uncommon? The Civil War? Before women could vote? World wars? When child labor was common?

    I am tempted to think the same way, and certainly Trump has brought out an unprecedented level of coarseness, and a lot of ugliness that was dog-whistled is now out in the open. But people have never been decent.

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  4. Raunchy is what it is.

    Some posts last two days is people from each side of the division scream “Your an a…hole”. Not much different.

    When the country divided over slavery or northern aggression did people yell at each other the same way? Certainly divisions strong, beliefs hard, moralists and religious leaders everywhere.?


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