Are There Any Evangelical Intellectuals Who Support Donald Trump?


Is Eric Metaxas an intellectual?

First,  a quick comment about the title of this post.  I am operating under the assumption that “evangelical intellectual” is not an oxymoron.

Can anyone name an evangelical intellectual who currently supports the administration of Donald Trump?  I am not asking for names of evangelical intellectuals who voted for Trump in 2016, but rather someone who uses his or her intellectual skills and public access to mainstream American political discourse as a means of supporting Trump’s presidency.  I would also consider culturally engaged and well-published evangelical academics as “evangelical intellectuals.”

I am thinking here about intellectuals who identify as “evangelical” and have a platform that transcends the evangelical subculture.

I am not trying to be snarky here.  I really want to know if there are people out there that I am missing.  Every evangelical public intellectual I know is anti-Trump.  Yesterday a reporter asked me to identify a thoughtful pro-Trump evangelical and I could not come up with one.

Could Eric Metaxas fit the bill?  Is it fair to call him an intellectual?  This reporter did not seem to think so, but others might disagree.

I am eager to read your suggestions, but I am also eager to read how you might deconstruct the question.

3 thoughts on “Are There Any Evangelical Intellectuals Who Support Donald Trump?

  1. Can you think of evangelical intellectuals who supported Bush 43? Especially after the invasion of Iraq? My suspicion is that not many evangelical academics supported Bush (and the big names in evangelical life – Noll, Marsden, Mouw, Hatch — said almost nothing about the specifics of any administration). In which case, the question needs a point of comparison.


  2. I think Larry Schweikart considers himself an evangelical, though he more frequently self-identifies as a Tea Party Conservative.


  3. John, I appreciate the earnestness of your question. I am curious to see who other readers may suggest, though for myself I cannot think of anyone who spans both categories.
    On a different note, I found your website a few weeks ago and have been greatly encouraged by it. I work at Taylor University and am grateful for the many wonderful colleagues in Student Development at Messiah and for Messiah, overall. Cheers to you for the good work you are doing!


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