Did Jerry Falwell Jr. Prevent the Liberty University Student Newspaper from Covering the Lynchburg Revival?

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Jack Jenkins is reporting that this is indeed what happened.  Here is a taste of his piece at Religion News Service:

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. stifled an effort by the school’s newspaper to report on an event this weekend organized by his critics, said a student editor.

That event featured speakers critical of Falwell, in particular his outspoken support for President Trump, for whom he acts as a faith adviser.

Erin Covey, an assistant news editor at the Liberty Champion and a junior at the university, said she wanted to write about the “Red Letter Revival” — a gathering of progressive evangelical Christians and others in Lynchburg to pray against “toxic evangelicalism” — because it was a large event that involved Liberty students. She said she pursued the story with the approval of her fellow editors, including the Champion editor-in-chief and a faculty adviser.

The two-day event off campus in the university town concludes Saturday (March 7). It drew speakers such as author Shane Claiborne and activist the Rev. William Barber, who have challenged Falwell to a debate. One of the speakers, evangelical pastor and author Jonathan Martin, was removed from Liberty’s campus by police in October after attending a concert there days after calling for a peaceful protest of the school.

(NOTE:  The date in the last paragraph should actually be April 7).

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