Alan Jacobs on White Christian Males in the Academy


Jacobs is responding here to Rod Dreher’s post at The American Conservative.  I was struck by this paragraph in Jacobs’s response:

I’m not exactly a pollyanna about these matters. I have said over and over again that, thanks to my long career at a Christian college and the specifically Christian character of much of my writing, I am almost certainly unemployable in my field (English literature) outside the world of Christian higher education. And there’s bigotry at work there — no doubt about it. On the other hand, I have been able to publish at some of the best university presses in the world, which also shouldn’t be possible if Rod’s friend’s account of the academic humanities is accurate.

Read the entire post here.

Is Jacobs right when he says that white Christian males are “certainly unemployable” in humanities fields “outside the world of Christian higher education?”

2 thoughts on “Alan Jacobs on White Christian Males in the Academy

  1. I agree with Matt’s comment above. I have certainly had Christian graduates who are now at top-ranked secular institutions. I took Jacob’s claim to be about himself in particular, and not simply because he was a white Christian male. Maybe he sees himself as now unemployable because of the subject matter of his publication record, for instance.


  2. Though the links provide context, this question seems a little unfair to Jacobs as the rest of the post reveals that he is trying to argue that this is a complex issue. I think it is important to note that he wrote “I am almost certainly unemployable” not that white Christian males are “certainly unemployable.”


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