Can Robert Jeffress Be This Oblivious?

We live in very strange times.  Watch this interview between Lou Dobbs and court evangelical Robert Jeffress:

It’s hard to know where to begin.  Jeffress says: “liberals know that conservative Christians are the last speed bump to the Godless, immoral, society liberals dream of.”  He then praises Donald Trump for defending the rights of evangelical Christians.

As I have written about several times this past week, Donald Trump is the man who has brought pornography and his sexual escapades into the mainstream of public life.  Millions of people will tune in tomorrow night to watch Anderson Cooper interview Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes.  Also, our kids are exposed to discussions of a Playboy playmate talking about having unprotected sex with the man who would become the President of the United States.  At our current moment it is people like Jeffress and the evangelicals who helped Trump get elected who seem to have set the stage for a “Godless, immoral, society.”

Lou Dobbs then says that Trump “spoke-up and he spoke-up alone” for Christians during the campaign.  Whatever you think about the idea that evangelicals are being persecuted in our country today, Dobbs’s comment is a flat out lie.  Nearly every GOP candidate–Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Santorum, Walker, Jindall, Fiorina, Kasich–believed that Christianity was under attack.  Yet evangelicals chose Trump.  (I try to explain why  in Chapter 1 of Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump).

After Dobbs dismisses the “March for Our Lives” going on today in major U.S. cities, Jeffress says “we can’t rely on legislation alone to deal with guns.  It’s a heart issue.”  So let me get this straight–we should rely on the legislation and the President of the United States to deal with religious liberty, abortion, gay marriage and [add your favorite Christian Right social issue here], but on guns “it’s a heart issue.”

Jeffress has the audacity to stage his “March for Eternal Life” event on the same weekend as the “March for Our Lives” event.  I tweeted about this last night:

Jeffress’s event also suggests that the “eternal life” concerns of American evangelicals are somehow disconnected from the pro-life issues taking place today during the March for Our Lives rallies.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying here that marching for gun rights will save us (I am an evangelical, after all), but I am saying that evangelicals, if they are pro-life and believe in human dignity, must be advocates for gun control in some form.

During the interview Dobbs says “How low have we fallen.”


One thought on “Can Robert Jeffress Be This Oblivious?

  1. Strange times? Maybe, but in my nearly half century in evangelical churches, what he said has been a consistent and strident message. You hear it in church, in most Christian media, everywhere.

    One of the reasons evangelicals will stay loyal to the Republican Party is that they have been “brainwashed” into the idea that Democrats are immoral and aim to destroy Christianity. As Cambridge Analytica so correctly notes, people vote on emotion and are activated by their fears. They didn’t discover that notion, not by a long shot.

    So Trump may be immoral, but if the alternative is just as bad AND will try to ban your way of life, maybe you justify your vote for him.


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