Ouch! Lawrence Downes Does Not Like *The Faith of Donald Trump*

Trump bioLawrence Downes has little tolerance for the The Faith of Donald Trump: A Spiritual Biography, the glowing biography of Trump disguised as an objective assessment of his religious life.

Here is a taste of his review at the Los Angeles Times:

Scan the blurbs, by Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich. By now your horse-crap siren is a-wailing.

Then read the foreword, by Eric Metaxas. He says “many serious Christians” embrace this president because they understand God’s grace better than others. He says moralizing naysayers are like “the elder brother in the parable of the Good Samaritan.”

But wait, you say: There is no elder brother in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Maybe he meant the Prodigal Son.

And you think, as you wade into the text, these poor hacks. This is going to be bad.

And it is. As Noah built a mighty ark, so have Brody and Lamb built their vessel, broad and beamy and loaded with what smells like 40 days’ and nights’ manure in the bilge.

Downes’s conclusion does not pull any punches:

We’ll all have to wait until the kingdom of Heaven arrives, when the arc of the universe has finally bent to justice, and all those whom Trump stepped on as losers are winners at last. Maybe then the Lord will look with mercy on those who posed and preened as Christians, but lost their way.

And for the worst of the holy hypocrites, those who abused and distorted the Gospel for the most nakedly profane reasons — worldly power and sycophancy to Donald J. Trump — perhaps the Lord in his mercy will find a way to slip them this book, so they will have something to read in Hell.

Read the entire review here.

2 thoughts on “Ouch! Lawrence Downes Does Not Like *The Faith of Donald Trump*

  1. OK, you’ve pitted a trio of evangelicals offering a dubious thesis contra someone who has been employed by the Sulzberger Birdcage Liner for 25 years (and has no other vocation than producing copy for newspapers). Shades of the Iran-Iraq War.

    And under what circumstances are we likely to see a fair and insightful biography of Donald Trump? Give it 50 years, when the current generation of academics has died out.


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