Billy Graham Round-Up

Graham and Ruth

Billy Graham in Norway, July 1955 (Wikimedia Commons)

I am having a hard time keeping-up with all the thoughtful reflections on Billy Graham’s legacy.  Here are some of the better pieces I have seen:

Steven Miller, “Who Was Billy Graham?: Placing America’s Evangelist in History,” Religion & Politics

Emma Green, “Billy Graham, the Great Uniter, Leaves Behind a Divided Evangelicalism,” The Atlantic

Ken Briggs, “Billy Graham stood tall, even when he came up short,” National Catholic Reporter

Richard Mouw, “I have no doubt what Billy Graham would have told the high school kids from Parkland, Fla.” Religion News Service

Ron Elving, “Billy Graham Walked a Line, And Regretted Crossing Over It, When It Came to Politics,” National Public Radio

Ian Lovett, “Will There Ever Be Another Billy Graham?” Wall Street Journal

Michael Gerson, “Billy Graham was consumed by grace,” The Washington Post

Tom Krattenmaker, “Today’s evangelicals should be more like Billy Graham.  We all should be,” USA Today

David Hollinger, “Billy Graham’s Missed Opportunities,” New York Times

Stephen Prothero, “Billy Graham Built a Movement. Now His Son is Dismantling It,” Politico

Chris Lehmann, “Billy Graham’s Crusades,” The Baffler

Stephen L. Carter, “Billy Graham’s Records on Race Was Both Ahead and Of His Time,” Bloomberg

Grant Wacker, “Billy Graham’s legacy for Christians, evangelical and otherwise,” The Christian Century

Daniel K. Williams, “Did Billy Graham Bring About the Evangelical Right?,” Newsweek