Jimmy Carter Will Deliver 2018 Liberty University Commencement Address

Last year it was Donald Trump. This year it is Jimmy Carter.

Some context:

Here is what Jerry Falwell Jr. said about Jimmy Carter in 2016. (Fast-forward to the 4:35 mark):

And then this happened.

Jimmy Carter is a grace-filled Christian.   But the antics of the Religious Right often put his Christian spirit to the test.  At one point during the 1980 presidential election campaign Carter said, “Jerry Falwell can go straight to hell…and I mean that in a Christian way.”

I doubt Carter will repeat these words at the 2018 Liberty commencement, but he does have a message that the university’s student body and administration needs to hear.  I hope he delivers it.

I should also add that Messiah College is well ahead of the curve here.  Carter spoke on our campus in 1986.