Juan Williams: “God Help Us”

Williams JuanOver at The Hill, Fox News commentator and former Messiah College commencement speaker Juan Williams weighs-in on the evangelical response to the Stormy Daniels affair:

When it comes to the Stormy Daniels story, it is hard for me to understand the silence from evangelical Christians.

Let it sink in: It is now confirmed that the president’s personal lawyer paid a porn star for her silence.

After the story broke, a friend sent me an old article from a left-wing website.

Democrats, the story said, beat themselves up for not better understanding white, Christian support for President Trump.

But that is a fool’s errand, the writer argued, because there is no understanding people who don’t accept facts.

The New Yorker magazine has now confirmed that the woman in question, Karen McDougal, wrote an account of the relationship. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that she was paid for her story by the National Enquirer’s publisher, a Trump friend, and the tabloid sat on the story, presumably to protect Trump.

And there is no way to deny that FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to Congress last week that Trump’s White House knew about two serious charges of domestic abuse against top aide Rob Porter but let him keep his job. Porter resigned only when those allegations became public.

Yes, the injunction to let he who is without sin cast the first stone is an important one. But it now seems clear that evangelical Christians, who hold up biblical edicts on lying, cheating and adultery, don’t care about the word of God when it comes to Trump.

For a group that regularly preaches about the “sanctity of marriage” and inveighs against the evils of divorce, it was a major political puzzle to me when evangelicals first backed the thrice-married, adulterous Trump over Hillary Clinton…

God help us.

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One thought on “Juan Williams: “God Help Us”

  1. So sad that the news media continues to stirrup the Relentless attacks on Donald Trump. From something of the past Juan Williams is a self righteous man willing to cast the stones but never at himself just another liberal with his deliberate attacks never considering his own sins. Did she take the money say that she would keep her mouth shut yes she did and then you Juan Williams would speak about integrity. Is there a Integrity in a pornstar absolutely not is her story true she sold it for a hundred and thirty thousand just because Trump brush shoulders will never make me believe and I will circle the wagons and give more to Donald Trump. And read box news a lot less and treated like a p*** news broadcast.


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