3 Months to Go


At the end of this semester I will no longer be Chair of the Messiah College History Department.  After completing two 4-year terms I have decided to hang-up my administrative hat.  I am not expecting to be a department chair ever again (although I guess one must never say “never” in academia), so this semester I am doing certain tasks for the final time.  For example:

  • I am about to finish preparing the teaching loads for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • I just presided over my last history faculty book discussion.  I want to enjoy next January’s discussion without having to worry about whether or not the food gets there on time.
  • I just finished writing my last hand-written note to a prospective student.
  • Soon I will be working on departmental “assessment” for the last time.  I never want to touch this again.

I am not sure what role I will play going forward at Messiah College.  At small colleges like Messiah, administration is really the only way to advance one’s career within the institution.  So I will return to life as an ordinary faculty member.  I will be in the classroom a bit more and will have more time for thinking about my teaching and writing.   We will see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “3 Months to Go

  1. Dear Dr. Fea – IMHO based on my similar experience of recently stepping down as a HST Dept. Chair after two 3-year terms, I think you will find it liberating. I am able to more thoroughly develop my courses, and be much more attentive to my students. Let someone else do all of the admin/bureaucratic work, and thank your lucky stars.


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