Jerry Falwell Jr: Christ Did “Did Not Forgive the Establishment Elites”


Court evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. is at it again.  Last night he was on CNN with Erin Burnett defending Trump’s adulterous affair with a porn star.  Watch the interview here.

Over at the National Review, conservative evangelical Christian David French has covered the Falwell appearance on CNN in a piece titled “Jerry Falwell Jr. Beclowns Himself Again.”

Here is a taste:

He makes three basic, embarrassingly bad theological arguments. First, he actually says out loud, “judge not lest ye be judged.” But it doesn’t require anyone to “judge” to condemn serial adultery and sexual assault. It simply requires reading comprehension. The Bible is clear. God has made the relevant judgment….

Hey Liberty University students:  When you get disciplined by the Liberty administration for disobeying the rules of the school just tell them “judge not lest ye be judged” and demand that you not be punished.

French continues:

Second, he makes the grade school mistake of equating the fact that Jesus said we’re all sinners (we are) with equating sin itself. “It’s all the same,” said Falwell. No, it’s not. All sin is wrong. All men need Christ. But not all sin is equally grave. Throughout scripture some sins are singled out as particularly vile and are punished accordingly…

Third, watch Falwell finish the segment with what can only be described as the Breitbart gospel. After speaking of Christ’s forgiveness, he then says, “He did not forgive the establishment elites.” What? So now the good news itself is wrapped in dime-store populism. 

The last line above is well-put: Falwell’s gospel is “wrapped in dime-store populism.”

I am continually amazed that this man is a college president.  I am continually saddened that this man is the president of the largest Christian university in the world.

One thought on “Jerry Falwell Jr: Christ Did “Did Not Forgive the Establishment Elites”

  1. All in all, this is a sad indictment of Christianity.

    But if there is anything ironic is that he is condemning himself. After all, he is the very definition of establishment elite. Here’s a guy who is wealthy, famous and connected to the most powerful person on the planet. (Reminds me of the first President Bush, whose father was a US senator and he was a graduate of Yale secret societies who ran the CIA, calling Michael Dukakis an elitist for teaching at Harvard.)

    If Falwell is right, then in fact that there is no forgiveness for him.


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