Melania and the Tony Perkins Mulligan

Trumps host Hispanic Heritage Month event at the White House in Washington

One more thought about the Tony Perkins “mulligan.”

If the story about Trump and Stormy Daniels is true, and Trump did cheat on his wife, then how can a man like Perkins, a champion of “family values,” EVER give this kind of thing a pass?  Think about it.  The president of the Family Research Council gives an adulterer a moral mulligan because the adulterer will help him advance the cause of strong families and marriages.  Perkins ignores whatever pain and embarrassment Melania might be feeling.  For him this is all one big political calculation.

5 thoughts on “Melania and the Tony Perkins Mulligan

  1. Loren, that’s true, but it is much more than that. Although I don’t think he first realized it, Trump actually embodies the heart of evangelical thinking.

    Evangelicals have long claimed the country began a moral descent in the 1960s thanks to hippies and free love and ending school prayer.

    Evangelicals (generally) specialize in demonizing non-believers, they are anti-intellectual, they hate the media and they only believe what certain authorities tell them to believe rather than using science or reason. It’s a match made in … well, heaven, figuratively speaking.


  2. “…one big political calculation.”

    I believe that the word that you are looking for is “transactional.” Who better to support than a president that doesn’t see the color of a man’s skin or give a hoot about the content of their character as long as there’s big$ to be made (to paraphrase one of the young Trumps and Lyndsey Graham). I believe that that is the point behind the Sermon on the Back Nine……..heads up, golf reference. In this case Trump get’s to buy an indulgence and a pathway to Heaven and his Evangelicals get a shot at control of the temporal world. Kind of ironic in a way.


  3. There are so many inconsistencies, hypocritical, and mind-boggling “excuses” floating among some evangelicals that one can’t keep track of them all. A friend who researches why people are scammed would suggest that individuals are initially attracted to a promise that holds a small possibility of being “for real.” After being dragged deeper into the scam it is very difficult to back out because it would require one to acknowledge having been duped. Very few people are willing to be that vulnerable.


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