Why Aren’t Evangelical Christians Saying Trump is the Anti-Christ?

Now that the title of this post has got your attention, I want to point you to historian Walter G. Moss‘s piece at Newsweek: Trump’s A True-Believing Christian?  Tel Me, How Does That Work?

Moss begins:

Shortly before his death in 1900, the Russian philosopher and poet Vladimir Soloviev completed “A Short Story of the Anti-Christ.”

He described his fictional twenty-first century character (based on the Biblical antichrist) this way: “He loved only himself. . . . This man would bow down before the power of Evil as soon as it would offer him a bribe.”

His “conception of his higher value showed itself in practice . . . in seizing his privilege and advantage at the expense of others . . . . The moral achievement of Christ and his uniqueness were beyond an intellect so completely clouded by self-love as his,” which displayed “a complete absence of true simplicity, frankness, and sincerity.”

I was reminded of Soloviev’s story by a recent History News Network article in which Ed Simon asked, “If the anti-Christ is supposed to be a manipulative, powerful, smooth-talking demagogue with the ability to sever people from their most deeply held beliefs, who would be a better candidate than the seemingly indestructible Trump?”

Simon admitted that accusing Trump of being an anti-Christ is giving “the president far too much credit. At his core he is simply a consummate narcissist with little intelligence and less curiosity, one who has somehow become the most powerful man in the world.” Soloviev’s anti-Christ is also far more gifted than Trump.

And yet, as Simon notes, it’s ironic that evangelical Christian leaders, who have often warned of liberal anti-Christs, “seem to lack the self-awareness to identify something so anti-Christian in Trump himself. Or worse yet, they certainly recognize it, but don’t care.”

Granted, I have played-up the sensationalist parts of Moss’s piece, but the rest of the piece offers a good analysis of Trump’s claim to Christian faith and the court evangelicals who believe him.

2 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Evangelical Christians Saying Trump is the Anti-Christ?

  1. 1. One would not expect a politically progressive Protestant to to cite Solovyov approvingly. See, e.g., E. Sandoz, Political Apocalypse, 160-69.
    2. You are a bright guy and a good writer, but your animus toward Donald Trump and his evangelical supporters is blinding you to issues of great constitutional import.


  2. Back in ca. 1998, I heard a sermon in which the preacher cautioned his flock that Bill Clinton, despite his many sins, was not the Antichrist. The preached explained that he was only a “pawn of the evil.” I loved the nuance!


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