Court Evangelical Robert Jeffress and the “Christianity Today Crowd”


Back in July 2017, I called attention to a growing divide in American evangelicalism.  It looks like court evangelical Robert Jeffress agrees with me.  I also think Jeffress is right  when he says that Trump did not create the divide, but exacerbated it.

In this interview with Christian conservative radio host Janet Mefferd, Jeffress identified anti-Trump evangelicals as the “evangelical elite” and the “Christianity Today crowd.”  According to Jeffress, this divide in evangelicalism is not merely about different views on Christianity and government.  Nope.  The divide is between “evangelicals who take the Bible seriously, and those who don’t.”

Here’s a thought.  Instead of evangelicals in the “Christianity Today crowd” abandoning the label “evangelical,”  I think we should fight to keep the label and bring back the word “fundamentalist” to describe people like Jeffress.


By the way, I can’t wait to tell some of my non-college-educated, working class friends who did not vote for Trump that they are part of the evangelical “elite.”

2 thoughts on “Court Evangelical Robert Jeffress and the “Christianity Today Crowd”

  1. Have you seen the Babylon Bee article on Jeffrees and first Baptist and the golden Trump?? Gotta love it. Carry on sir.


  2. When u try to reclaim the word in a frontal assault on the religious right, u will find out just how much in the minority you are. U do realize that, don’t u? Fundamentalists r more on ur side than u know. For all the uncouthness and the embarrassment they cause u, they have two things the center and center-left Evangelucals do not have in significant measure, an instinct for moral orthodoxy and courage. There is hardly a moral commitment Evangelicalism as I know is either not embarrassed by or has not abandoned. Building bridges to fundamentalists has now become a task of Evangelicalism.


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