Corey Lewandowski at Liberty University


Former Trump campaign managers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie made a visit to Liberty University on December 8, 2017.  You can watch it here.

Stephen Strang, the author of this book, is also part of the interview.

A few highlights:

  • Strang begins by claiming that Donald Trump is a modern day King Cyrus, the Persian king who set the exiled Israelites free from Babylon so they could return to the promised land and rebuild the temple.  Strang is the editor of Charisma magazine, the voice of Network Christianity.
  • Lewandowski rips on Harvard University, calling its faculty and students “Ivy League freaks.”
  • At one point Falwell Jr. says the word “hell,” turns beat red, and asks the audience to “excuse his language.”
  • Bossie says that Trump called Falwell Jr. immediately after the Access Hollywood tape came out.  Why would he call Falwell Jr,?  If he called to confess his sins, why would he turn to Falwell for such a spiritual act?  Falwell is not a minister.  The call to Falwell Jr. can only be understood in the context of raw presidential politics.  Trump needed the evangelicals to win the election and he believed Falwell Jr. could smooth things over him.  Can we think of any other way that this conversation could have gone down? What does it say about the integrity of Falwell Jr. that Trump turned to him for help?
  • Strang quotes Bob McEwen who said, “If you can’t seen the hand of God on Donald Trump you are deaf, dumb, and blind.”
  • Lewandowski’s story about Trump speaking with Taiwan is actually quite scary.
  • Falwell Jr. says Trump brought an end to the Johnson Amendment.  He did not.
  • Bossie credits the success of Trump’s efforts against the Johnson Amendment to the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame.
  • Falwell Jr. court evangelicalism is on full display here.

2 thoughts on “Corey Lewandowski at Liberty University

  1. The phenomenon of “Trumpvangelicals” is an important story. But even more important is the story of Christians and Christian congregations that remain true an faithful to the Way of Christ (Acts 9:2) and do not worship the Beast (Rev. 20:4). I hope that Dr. John Fea can report on the latter story even more than the former.


  2. What I find amazing, is that in this country of millions and millions of Christians, God couldn’t find one honorable, righteous, godly man to lead the country, and had to resort to a heathen Cyrus.


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