5 thoughts on “James Dobson Supports Roy Moore

  1. I don’t quite agree with you there.

    First of all, you are mistaken in your saying that the right is unified by abortion as is the mistake of many people who project the beliefs of a general movement on every individual in that movement. You can not possibly think that a general populous could be so basic as to vote for a person based only on their views on abortion.

    Second, Moore is seeking to strengthen the grasp of Evangelical Christianity in America, an understanding that many Republicans, even more in the South, respect over other things. This is why the votes for Roy Moore from Evangelical Republicans was left at 90%.

    Third, the reason that the “right has become so accepting of unsavory characters” is not, as you put it, because of the generations of conservatives being convinced that abortion is the supreme evil (as I mentioned as inaccurate above). Rather, that the political right has the knowledge of the right choice for someone who they believe will best forward the constitution of America and express the morals of the GOP, which is more powerful than their personal choices. The right doesn’t choose a favorite based on a person’s actions, but rather on their though out belief structure and morals in government life, in which Moore has been favorable.

    It frustrates me that, not only is America so split in its political life but especially that people on either side don’t even take the time to accurately understand the beliefs and thought processes of the opposite side.


  2. It is wrong and inaccurate for you to attack this man with his own words thinking that you understand what he is saying and imagining that you know what he is thinking when he endorses Roy Moore. None of the accusations against Roy Moore have been confirmed. So far, he has been a strong supporter of evangelical America and he is the best option for strengthening the power and reach of Christianity in our nation.

    As for your remarks about when he joined President Trump’s evangelical board of advisors. You can not assume that Dobson is joining the board because he endorses Mr. Trump, but you must also understand that he is making himself able to have influence in the affairs of this country in order to protect evangelical America and make it stronger. I would suggest that you do not assume the intentions of people you do not know well.


  3. This is an example of Tribalism in its purest form – the GOP/Religious Fundamentalist Tribe battling against the “Liberal Other.”

    Principles no longer matter, character no longer matters, truth no longer matters. The only thing that matters to the GOP/Religious Fundamentalist Tribe is winning & keeping their power – whatever it takes. This is Tribalism – pure and simple!


  4. My conclusion is that once abortion became the political tool used to unite the religious right, the outcome is that no sin or crime (or multiples thereof) can ever disqualify a candidate who says they are anti-abortion. Abortion has become the one sin to rule all others.

    An anti-abortion scum-bag is preferable to an honorable right to choose candidate.

    To all the people who keep shaking their heads and wondering why the right has become so accepting of unsavory characters is failure to realize a couple generations of conservatives have been convinced that abortion is the supreme issue that matters in elections.

    Until we deal with that issue straight up, I think we’ll all still be shaking our heads in consternation.


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