Are You Supporting The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast?


Season Four of The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast is well underway.  So far this season we have talked about white supremacy, race, and Charlottesville with historian Kelly Baker (Episode 26), and teaching history with Kevin Gannon, aka “The Tattooed Prof” (Episode 27).  In Episode 28, which drops on Sunday, we historicize Mara-a-Lago (Donald Trump’s “Winter White House”) with Rollins University historian Julian Chambliss.

And this is only the beginning.  This season we have commitments from three National Book Award finalists.  An episode on public history history of soul music is just about in the can.  And we have a few other surprises in the works.

We are ambitious about the future of The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast.  Our goal is to raise enough support to make it a weekly show.  The money we raise from our ongoing Patreon campaign goes toward paying our producer (Drew Dyrli Hermeling) and our studio producer (Josh Lowrie).  My own work on the podcast–I am the creator and host–is a labor of love.  I do not receive any of the money that we raise.

I am not a big fan of writing these fundraising e-mails.  (I was not trained in graduate school to do this 🙂 )  But I do know that we cannot continue to deliver a well-produced, bi-weekly history podcast, with the caliber of guests we attract, without a strong support base.

We always need good American history, but it is especially needed in times of great social and political change.  Please consider supporting our work through out Patreon campaign so we can bring some financial stability to the podcast.  Click here to learn how you can help us!