Last night I was browsing around on Twitter and decided to see how tweeters were using the hashtag #evangelicals these days.  What I found was not pretty.

Here were the first several tweets I read:

Read many more here.

I think evangelicals can respond to these tweets in several ways:

  1.  They could take a culture war approach and conclude that all of these tweeters simply hate evangelicals.  I am sure many of these tweeters do dislike evangelicals and have always disliked them.  The evangelicals who interpret these tweets in this way will be tempted to fight back against the haters.  This would be a response fitting with the “Christian” approach to politics that has dominated the GOP for two generations.
  2. They could react in sadness.  As the Bible teaches us, there will always be people who will persecute Christians or say “all manner of evil against” Christians, but I hope evangelicals might be sad that they are now seen by many non-Christians (and perhaps some non-evangelical Christians) in this way.   Some evangelicals might rejoice in the way they are treated on Twitter.  After all, didn’t Jesus say “blessed are the persecuted?” In Corinthians 1:18, Paul said that the message of the cross is foolishness to “those who are perishing.”  Perhaps that is a legitimate Christian response to these tweets.  Or maybe these tweets are simply a response to evangelicals acting like fools in a way that has nothing to do with the “message of the cross.”
  3. Some might decide that they can no longer embrace the evangelical label because it is has become too associated with the Christian Right or Donald Trump or the court evangelicals.  They will look for another term.
  4. Some may want to stay with the label and try to redeem it by living in such a way that conforms to the teachings of our faith.

Whatever the case, the term “evangelical” is taking a beating right now.

One thought on “#Evangelicals

  1. Frequently, it seems, we Christians have difficulty staying focused on living and sharing through meaningful witness, the ‘message of the Cross’. Every time I read of Jesus’ time in the wilderness, I’m reminded how much His Kingdom lives far above politics and any world order!


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