Once Again, the Court Evangelical Silence is Deafening

PuertoWhere were the court evangelicals this weekend? Why aren’t they responding to THIS.  Donald Trump disparaged the mayor and the people of Puerto Rico and the court evangelicals have suddenly forgotten how to speak and tweet.  We, of course, have seen this many times before.  This is what court evangelicals do.  Or perhaps this is another one of those times where they play the role of Trump-whisperer by going to the Oval Office and telling Trump that he shouldn’t say such things and then announce to the American people how much influence they have over the POTUS.

I can think of several reasons why the court evangelicals have been silent.

  1. They believe what Trump tweeted.  In other words, they believe that the people of Puerto Rico are lazy.  If you really think about it, this interpretation of their silence is not that far-fetched.  Most of the court evangelicals believe in the free market and oppose welfare programs.  Jesus helps those who help themselves.
  2. They believe that Puerto Ricans are not really Americans and, like Trump, they believe in an “America First” mentality.
  3. They will not speak truth to power publicly because they care more about tending to the court and winning POTUS approval than cultivating a prophetic voice.  As much as they say they have an influence on the POTUS, most of their public gatherings with Trump look like this.

One thought on “Once Again, the Court Evangelical Silence is Deafening

  1. Because they’ve convinced themselves that Trump is God’s man and anything less than full and complete support for the President is somehow no longer allowed?

    Because they’ve sold their soul for political power and prestige, and like the President, value image over actually caring for people?

    Because they got their anti-abortion Supreme Court Justice and that is all that matters, even above such issues as caring for people in disasters?

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