Liberty University Cancels Classes After Football Win Over Baylor


So much for those carefully planned syllabi.  Jerry Falwell Jr. just canceled classes Monday so students could celebrate Liberty University’s football victory over Baylor.

Here is Steven Ruiz’s story at USA Today:

The Howard Bison pulled off the biggest betting upset in college football history by beating 45-point favorite UNLV, but it wasn’t the most surprising result on Saturday. That was Liberty’s shocking win over Baylor.

Liberty students will have plenty of time to celebrate the 48-45 win over the Big XII school. School president Jerry Falwell Jr. announced after the game that classes on Monday would be cancelled.

Students were understandably excited when they heard the news…

One thought on “Liberty University Cancels Classes After Football Win Over Baylor

  1. The poor grad students did not get their classes cancelled. So tonight, while the festivities are rocking, I will be sitting in a lonely seminar room around a table with 10 history students (for three hours mind you!) discussing among other things, Mark Noll’s America’s God. I have a feeling it will be a good night!


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