Historians on Confederate Monuments


The American Historical Association has put together the most comprehensive list of historian’s reflections on what to do about Confederate monuments.  Executive Director Jim Grossman did 19 interviews on the topic in the span of four days. Thanks.

Other historians on the list include David Bell, Kevin Boyle, Yoni Appelbaum, Justin Behrend, David Blight, W. Fitzhugh Brundage, Edward Carson, Jane Censer, Marcia Chatelain, Jane Dailey, Rebecca Davis, Jennifer Evans, Eric Foner, Lesley Gordon, Annette Gordon-Reed, Sarah Handley-Cousins, Caroline Janney, Ibram Kendi, Jon Sensbach, Manisha Sinha, Jeremi Suri, Jonathan Zimmerman, Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, Ruth Ben-Gait, Nathan Connolly, Donna Gabaccia, Joy Hakim, Sara Patenaude, Joshua Rothman, Adam Rothman, and Jonathan Sarna,

The size of this list is encouraging.  I am glad to see historians with expertise in this area engaging the public in such a profound way.  Let’s keep it up!

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