A Plea for Court Evangelical Franklin Graham to Leave the Court

In case you missed it, Franklin Graham prayed at Trump’s rally on Wednesday night in Phoenix.

First, as someone who knows a little bit about evangelicals, I highly doubt that Ruth Bell Graham taught Franklin how to read a prayer from a text.  But I digress.

I noticed a few things about this written prayer:

  • Graham prayer: “There are those in this country who want to divide, to want to preach hate.” (This line from Graham’s prayer got cheers from the crowd as if it was some kind of line in a political campaign).  Franklin asked God to shut the mouths of those people who “want to divide” and “preach hate.” I am not sure this prayer was answered on Wednesday night in Phoenix.  We can begin with “lock her up.”
  • Graham prayed: “as a country we seem to have forgotten right from wrong.”  He then said “you warned us in your holy word the Bible that a day would come when the truth would become a lie and lies would become truth and we this happening before our eyes today.”  Amen. Graham uttered these words and then the President of the United States came out and did this.  Perhaps Graham really is a prophet.
  • Graham asked God to forgive Americans for their sins: injustice, pride, self-indulgence, neglect of the poor, the flaunting of sexual immorality, and failure to protect the young and the innocent.

I am assuming that Graham did not have Donald Trump specifically in mind with his words.  This prayer is a clear example of why evangelical leaders who cozy–up to this President tarnish their Christian witness.  Graham prayed for some good things.  And then Trump went out and gave a speech that utterly defied everything Graham said in his prayer.

I have always liked Franklin Graham.  He does good work through Samaritan’s Purse, his international relief agency.  My family has participated in the agency’s Operation Christmas Child.  I pray that Graham will create distance between him and the White House so that he, like the prophets of old, can speak Christian truth to power.

5 thoughts on “A Plea for Court Evangelical Franklin Graham to Leave the Court

  1. Interesting article about Franklin Graham by Emma Green dated 5-21-17 over at The Atlantic.com. Title: “Franklin Graham Is the Evangelical Id.”


  2. At our welcome back faculty and staff event today, our president talked about Ezekiel 22:26: “The priests of Israel ignore my Law! Not only do they refuse to respect any of my sacred things but they don’t teach the difference between what is sacred and what is ordinary…”.

    He meant it as a rebuke of contemporary society but I could only think about the Court Evangelicals.


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