Liberty University Responds To Diploma-Returning Students


On Sunday we reported on a growing Facebook group of Liberty University alumni who are returning their diplomas to the Lynchburg, Virginia Christian school because the president, Jerry Falwell Jr., is a court evangelical and has remained a court evangelical in the wake of Charlottesville.

Yesterday Liberty University responded with this statement:

Liberty University strongly supports our students’ rights to express their own political opinions, including any opposition they have to their school leader’s relationship with this president of the US, just as other students may have opposed leadership of liberal institutions supporting previous Presidents. The tactic of returning diplomas has been used by students of many other schools to draw attention to various causes, but let’s also remember that those same diplomas are quite helpful in helping these graduates secure well-paying jobs.

Snark: “an attitude of expression of mocking irreverence and sarcasm.”

On a Fox News podcast Falwell Jr. called the protesting alumni “a joke.”  I wonder how long Falwell Jr. will get away with describing his university’s alumni this way.