This Is What a Court Evangelical Does…

They go on national television and defend the President of the United States.

When ABC News called the White House and asked for a spokesperson, the White House sent out Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of the largest Christian university in the world.

Watch the video below.  Falwell Jr. seems to be making  some progress. He did not seem as militantly pro-Trump this time.  Perhaps he is feeling the heat from his alumni base. Having said that, the very fact that the White House sent him out to do this interview suggests that his court evangelical identity is still strong.

He also addresses the group of Liberty University graduates who are returning diplomas.

2 thoughts on “This Is What a Court Evangelical Does…

  1. I watched that interview on Sunday (bless you TiVo). He was taken aback somewhat by his Black and Jewish friends not perceiving Trumps words the way he did. His demeanor was less strident. I don’t think he thought his Trupiness was going to hit him in the pocketbook as is now beginning to happen. His notoriety has led to a loss in the kind of prestige he valued. We will see what effect this has had on him in how he reacts to Trump’s next ethical blunder.


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