What Are the Court Evangelicals Saying Today?



Not much.

Here is what the court evangelicals have and have not tweeted in the wake of Donald Trump’s statement on Tuesday .  In this statement he once again drew a moral equivalency between white supremacists and those protesting against them.

NOTE:  Many of these court evangelicals HAVE tweeted things about race and reconciliation since Trump’s remarks on Tuesday, but I am interested in their specific responses to Trump’s handling of this issue.  I want to see if they are willing to say anything negative about the POTUS and, in the process, speak truth to power.  I am curious about which one of them will make the hard choice of breaking with the POTUS in the way that the manufacturers did this week.  If they have not said anything about Trump’s comments on Tuesday I have chosen the world “silent” to describe their response.

Finally, I am only looking at Twitter feeds or links that are shared on Twitter.

Michelle Bachmann:  Silent.  (Although to be fair she has not tweeted since February)

A.R. Bernard: Nothing (Retweeted a general statement on hatred from New York Commission on religious leaders, but nothing on Trump)

Mark Burns: Argues for moral equivalency using MLK, mentions,”both sides” several times, and says it’s all the police’s fault:

Tim Clinton:  Silent

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: Silent

James Dobson: Silent

Jerry Falwell Jr: Silent (I am getting this from others since I am blocked)

Ronnie Floyd: Tweets a link to a blog post in which he says  that “silence and passivity” is not the answer and the church should do something about racism.  Says nothing about the POTUS and his remarks.

Jentezen Franklin: Silent

Jack Graham: Silent

Harry Jackson: Silent

Robert Jeffress:  Links to this recent CBN video.  (Begins at about 6:00 mark).  He condemns racism and white supremacy and even acknowledges that Southern Baptists have been racist in the past.  He also says that “racism” comes “in all colors” and praises POTUS for condemning all kinds of racism.  He completely backs Trump’s statements on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, and blames any criticism of POTUS on liberals.  “There is not a racist bone in his (POTUS) body. ”

David Jeremiah: Silent

Richard Land: Silent (To be fair, he has not tweeted since May)

James McDonald: Silent

Johnnie Moore: Will not resign from Advisory Council. He says that it is his job to “give advice” not “take advice.”  I do find it interesting that the members of Trump’s Manufacturing Council (I don’t know how many of them of were Christians) saw this differently.   They were also there to “give advice,” but when Trump made his remarks on Charlottesville at least eight of them resigned.  Moore also calls for “reasoning together” quoting Isaiah 1:18.  It is unclear who he wants to reason with.

Robert Morris: Silent.  Although he did tweet this:

Tom Mullins: Silent

Ralph Reed: Silent

James Robison: Condemns racism and calls for prayer.  Silent about Trump on Twitter. But Warren Throckmorton is reporting on this.

Tony Suarez: Silent

Paula White-Cain: Silent.  But this tweet is interesting.

Sealy Yates: Can’t seem to findTwitter account


Franklin Graham: Silent

Eric Metaxas: No idea. I’m blocked

Greg Lurie: Silent

Tony Perkins: Silent  (Perkins is President of the Family Research Council.  Are Trump’s remarks not a family issue?  I know my kids are asking about it).

Cindy Jacobs: Silent

7 thoughts on “What Are the Court Evangelicals Saying Today?

  1. Thanks John. For the record, I do not see Charlottesville as a moral equivalency. But I do believe as Christians we should not dismiss evil on either side. I am glad to see that you are not doing that. In the end, the love and grace of Christ is the only real answer to all of this. I am praying for what Edwards called a “surprising” work of God!


  2. I would like to think I don’t speak in code, at least not consciously. As for code speak, is your surprise and sadness about me making what you call a “moral equivalency argument” also code for suggesting I am a racist? Sort of seems like it. If it is, well, I am equally surprised and saddened.


  3. Sam: I know you are at Trump supporter, but I am surprised, saddened, and disappointed that you would make such a moral equivalency argument here. What do you mean by “true prophets DO NOT PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT TO CALL EVIL.” Is that code for “both sides?” By the way, I do think that the violence on both sides were wrong and bad. But that is not the point here. See Krauthammer on this: https://thewayofimprovement.com/2017/08/16/a-moral-disgrace/


  4. Worried a little about you John. You are starting to come across as the James Davenport of the evangelical left. Throwing out edicts and condemnations here and yon. Get your pants out of the fire man! Maybe you should not try so hard to be a prophet. But since you are donning the mantle, you should at least remember that true prophets do not pick and choose what to call evil. They condemn it all. Are you willing to do that? Or will you be silent?


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