The “Court Evangelicals” at “Washington Monthly”

President Donald Trump attends the Liberty University Commencement Ceremony

The phrase “court evangelicals” is catching on.   Nancy LeTourneau devotes a column to it today at Washington Monthly.

Here is a taste:

If your head is spinning trying to reconcile a “spiritual awakening” to what is actually emanating from this White House, join the club. John Fea, who chairs the History Department at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA, recently shared a different perspective in an article titled, “Trump threatens to change the course of American Christianity.” He refers to people like Drollinger as “court evangelicals,” who “like the attendants and advisers who frequented the courts of monarchs, seeks influence…

Fea is right. Trump is changing the course of American Christianity. I personally know people who are looking deep into their souls to question what the behavior of these court evangelicals says about their faith and church leaders. There are also those who accept the idea that Trump is a leader sent from God to inspire a spiritual awakening. One has to wonder if anything he says or does will ever convince them that he is in the process of destroying any claim they make to be followers of Jesus.

Read the entire piece here.

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  1. I saw her blog post and immediately thought of you. I love the term Court Evangelicals and hope it catches on and becomes a cultural meme in our social media conversations.


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