An Interview with Allen Guelzo


Over at History News Network, Erik Moshe interviews Gettysburg College historian Allen Guelzo.

Here are Moshe’s questions:

What books are you reading now?

What is your favorite history book?

Why did you choose history as your career?

What qualities do you need to be a historian?

Which historical time period do you find to be most fascinating?

Who was your favorite history teacher?

What are your hopes for world and social history?

Do you own any rare history or collectible books? Do you collect artifacts related to history?

What have you found most rewarding and most frustrating about your career?

How has the study of history changed in the course of your career?

If you could sum up world history in one word, what would that word be?

Why’d you pick it?

What are you doing next?

Read Guelzo’s answers these questions here.  (Spoiler alert #1: He is writing a “big book” on Robert E. Lee with Knopf.  Spoiler alert #2: The word he used to sum world history is “depravity.”)

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