Jon Meacham: “Every Day is Christmas” for Historians in the Age of Trump

American_lion_by_jon_meacham_coverIf you were listening to National Public Radio yesterday, you may have heard Steve Inskeep’s interview with writer and historian Jon Meacham on Morning Edition.  As many of you already know, Meacham is the former editor of Newsweek and a prolific biographer.  His book American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography.

Here is a taste of the interview:

INSKEEP: Jon Meacham will help us on this Independence Day. He’s a wide-ranging thinker and historian, former editor of Newsweek. His books range from an exploration of religion to the life of Thomas Jefferson to a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Andrew Jackson.

What’s it been like to be a historian living through this moment in history?

JON MEACHAM: It’s as though every day is Christmas. It really is. And I’m not being overly facile about it. If you care about the underlying elements of our national story, the national order, then a moment in which all of those fundamental assumptions are being questioned is a time of intrinsic interest.

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