Is Jimmy Carter a Lost Causer?

Over at Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin discusses a fascinating story about Jimmy Carter and the Lost Cause.  It will be published in a chapter in his forthcoming edited collection, Interpreting the Civil War at Museums and Historic Sites. The story comes from an essay on historical markers and the Civil War written by Todd Groce, the CEO of the Georgia Historical Society.

The story centers on this marker,  which was originally placed on the grounds of the Carter Center in Atlanta:

George Civil WAR

Apparently Jimmy Carter did not like the text of the marker and wanted it changed to reflect, according to Groce, “a more traditional Lost Cause interpretation.”  This happened in 2015.

Read more at Civil War Memory.

3 thoughts on “Is Jimmy Carter a Lost Causer?

  1. It would be helpful if Levin or Groce would give some substance of President Carter’s complaints or editorial suggestions. Otherwise, we can only rely on what they think rather than what Carter said. Quite unfair to tag him with a disparaging “Lost Cause” or Dunning School label without knowing what he thought needed changing.


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