Memories of Washington’s Crossing and the David Library

David Library

Some of the first posts I published at The Way of Improvement Leads Home were written in June 2008 while I was a visiting fellow at the David Library of the American Revolution.  My month-long stay at the library remains one of my favorite research experiences.  I have visited the library many times over the years, but nothing compares to the one-month immersion in the archives that Meg McSweeney and her staff provide for visiting scholars.

I recalled many of these fond memories when I read Michael Lynch’s post on his blog Past in the Present about his own visit to the library.  He has posted some great pictures.  The shot of the Delaware Canal tow path reminds me of my early morning walks.  His picture of Bowman’s Hill Tower reminds me of the Saturday my family came to visit and we ascended to the top of the tower for a view of the region surrounding Washington’s Crossing.  Caroline was seven and Allyson was ten. Since it rained that day we spent the better part of our Saturday organizing baseball cards on my bed in the Firestone Residence.

Read Lynch’s post here.  I hope he gets that mirror fixed soon!


Delaware Canal tow path