Harvard Finance Professor: We Need the Humanities

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Harvard’s Mihir Desai argues that we “all lose” when Wall Street is divorced from the humanities.

Here is a taste of Carrie Sheffield’s piece on Desai at Salon:

Mihir Desai, a Harvard finance professor, has a striking discovery he’s keen to share:  The world of finance has become totally walled off from the richness of the humanities and he thinks that ought to change.

With his new book “The Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Humanity in the World of Risk and Return,” he has strived to open up the world of money to a wide audience through stories — “without a single equation or graph,” he put it.

Desai considers the disconnect between these two worlds a tragedy of today’s society: “We all lose when they’re divorced,” Desai said during a recent episode of “Salon Talks.” “We in finance lose because we lose our humanity, and people in humanities lose because you’re not really speaking to people anymore; you’re speaking to yourselves more and more, and you’ve got to speak to people.”

Read the entire piece here.