How Did Your Church Celebrate Pentecost Sunday?

Icon-Pentecost-400x330If you are a churchgoer, I am curious about hearing how (and if) your church celebrated Pentecost Sunday.  Yesterday was the day on the Christian calendar when the church celebrates the the coming of the Holy Spirit following the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.  According to Christian theology, this is the day when the church came into existence.

A). Your church did not mention Pentecost Sunday.

B).  Your church mentioned Pentecost Sunday and then went forward with a service that had nothing to do with the day.

C).  Your church had music focused on Pentecost Sunday, but the sermon/homily had nothing to do with it.

D).  The entire service, including music, homily, scripture reading, etc. focused on Pentecost Sunday.

E).  Other

I realize that this will be different depending on the denomination.  I came into the sanctuary a few minutes yesterday morning, but I think my church fell into category “B”.

I remember one year when Pentecost Sunday fell on Memorial Day weekend.  The church leadership asked all the veterans to stand up so people could applaud them for their service, but said nothing about Pentecost Sunday.

11 thoughts on “How Did Your Church Celebrate Pentecost Sunday?

  1. D), for the most part. The sermon and the readings were on Pentacost, and most of the music was related to the Holy Spirit. This was in a church that is part of the Anglican Church of North America.


  2. Representing the Episcopalians here… We fit “D”–sermon, music, readings, etc. Did a Baptism. Everyone wore red (including me, and I’m the embodiment of drab), we took the parish photograph, and had a “picnic” in the Parish Hall, complete with a homemade salsa contest.


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