This May Be The Best Thing I Have Read On Trump


In case you haven’t seen it yet, Rebecca Solnit‘s recent piece on Donald Trump at Lit Hub is a masterpiece.  Here is just a small taste:

A man who wished to become the most powerful man in the world, and by happenstance and intervention and a series of disasters was granted his wish. Surely he must have imagined that more power meant more flattery, a grander image, a greater hall of mirrors reflecting back his magnificence. But he misunderstood power and prominence. This man had bullied friends and acquaintances, wives and servants, and he bullied facts and truths, insistent that he was more than they were, than it is, that it too must yield to his will. It did not, but the people he bullied pretended that it did. Or perhaps it was that he was a salesman, throwing out one pitch after another, abandoning each one as soon as it left his mouth. A hungry ghost always wants the next thing, not the last thing.

This one imagined that the power would repose within him and make him great, a Midas touch that would turn all to gold. But the power of the presidency was what it had always been: a system of cooperative relationships, a power that rested on people’s willingness to carry out the orders the president gave, and a willingness that came from that president’s respect for rule of law, truth, and the people. A man who gives an order that is not followed has his powerlessness hung out like dirty laundry. One day earlier this year, one of this president’s minions announced that the president’s power would not be questioned. There are tyrants who might utter such a statement and strike fear into those beneath him, because they have installed enough fear.

A true tyrant does not depend on cooperative power but has a true power of command, enforced by thugs, goons, Stasi, the SS, or death squads. A true tyrant has subordinated the system of government and made it loyal to himself rather than to the system of laws or the ideals of the country. This would-be tyrant didn’t understand that he was in a system where many in government, perhaps most beyond the members of his party in the legislative branch, were loyal to law and principle and not to him. His minion announced the president would not be questioned, and we laughed. He called in, like courtiers, the heads of the FBI, of the NSA, and the director of national intelligence to tell them to suppress evidence, to stop investigations and found that their loyalty was not to him. He found out to his chagrin that we were still something of a democracy, and that the free press could not be so easily stopped, and the public itself refused to be cowed and mocks him earnestly at every turn.

And the conclusion:

The man in the white house sits, naked and obscene, a pustule of ego, in the harsh light, a man whose grasp exceeded his understanding, because his understanding was dulled by indulgence. He must know somewhere below the surface he skates on that he has destroyed his image, and like Dorian Gray before him, will be devoured by his own corrosion in due time too. One way or another this will kill him, though he may drag down millions with him. One way or another, he knows he has stepped off a cliff, pronounced himself king of the air, and is in freefall. Another dungheap awaits his landing; the dung is all his; when he plunges into it he will be, at last, a self-made man.

Read it all here.

48 thoughts on “This May Be The Best Thing I Have Read On Trump

  1. What IS all of this religious talk and guessing what Jesus may or may not do? We have a tyrant in charge of the greatest country currently in existence. He is now using his position to successfully divide the country. With gridlocked government at every level, look at The State of Washington, unable to agree on a budget and forcing the shut down of state government if you need a clear and current example, we are unable to move forward on simple decisions, MUCH less a difficult decision such as the one to revamp healthcare. The good that may come of this, is that it clearly demonstrates a two party system of government doesn’t work forever. Yes, other parties exist, but the minor party efforts so far have been unable to reach the level of electing their candidates into the most minor of government power positions. Out of the ashes, perhaps a Phoenix will rise up and a third party of hard working, tax paying, sensible people concerned with, and educated on the issues, may rise up and defeat the status quo, praise God and AMEN! LA’CHAIM and AL SALAH MELAKEM, NAMASTE

  2. I don’t know what calling on God or Jesus name has to do with this thread. Never mix church and state…for a very good reason. However,, if your going to then remember Jesus is the one who threw out the carpetbaggers. Personally I think where there’s smoke…there’s fire !

  3. The mentality and maturity of a junior high school bully. Must be adored or he does not exist, sad, pathetic.

    We will survive him and his lot. Bully, bully.thy name is Trump.

  4. I spent many over 30 years as a secondary level teacher, counselor, and administrator in the public school system. I have therefore dealt with hundreds of bullies. What they all had in common is that if their intended targets stood up to them, they collapsed like a deck of cards, wondering what had happened to their bully kingdom. Trump is a classic bully, whining and wondering why people are now picking on him. Oh, who knew it would be so difficult? Oh, why are they criticizing me and not Hillary? Oh, I’m new at this, you need to give me a break. Oh, not on your life.

    • You are right about bullies. I know about them from my childhood. If you let them get away with it they get worse and worse and they grow up to be bigger and bigger bullies.

    • I love Solnit, and usually agree with her, but, as you have pointed out, DBN, the only solution to the trump problem is to stand up to him and say, “NO!” We need to find SOMEONE in (or out of) Congress who can intimidate, overpower, freak 45 out. Someone who will not only say enough is enough, let’s impeach, but someone who will force him to resign or be sent to jail for a long long long time. I can deal with Pence because he’s such a nelly he won’t last long either, especially because he’s been in on the more egregious russian stuff. I haven’t the optimism that this experience as POTUS will kill 45 as Solnit concludes, but the killing of others has been intense since January 20th and will only cease when we have a voice of reason in the White House who shows leadership of ALL the people, instead of a voice that laughs at people who protest or encourages violence against those who long for the resurrection of our former republic.

  5. Consider …
    A mind operating through a perception and perspective of separation is always in need of something accomplished, controlled, or acquired for a way feel good about itself … such a perspective is not capable of honoring, respecting, and serving the Whole of life, just itself … exclusively!
    As all of this minds adored ideas, concepts, and beliefs are validated, justified, and defended by the EGO, as they are part of its concept of “self” …. which it MUST feel good about, at any and all cost.

  6. The parallels between “Watergate”, Nixon’ presidency and Trump’s presidency are eerily similar.

    Sometimes investigations are a good thing. In the case of “Watergate” it showed “We The People” the truth, a truth that we were entitled to. It showed a president who had a cancer on his presidency. It showed a president who thought he was above the law, who thought he could do anything he wanted and get away with it.

    In the end the truth prevailed, our democratic system of checks and balances worked.

    We must again allow and rely on our democratic system of checks and balances to work for us. And allow the investigation to move forward, it will provide the transparency that we all seek and deserve. Transparency will provide the truth no matter what that truth is.

    When “Watergate” was taking place, there we many people who thought Nixon was the greatest President ever!! This was a president who had a cancer on his presidency. Nixon tried to have 5 men break into and install eavesdropping equipment at the Democratic National Committee. They were caught. It turned out one of the men had an office in the headquarters of the committee for the for the Re election of the president. One of these men was the head (he was the lead burglar)of Security for Nixon’s Republican campaign. This man had been with the CIA, and he’d been in the security business for years.

    Nixon ordered up all of this. Breaking and entering, wiretapping, destruction of government documents, forgery of State Department documents and letters, secret slush funds, plans to order tax audits of tax returns for political retaliation and conspiracy to obstruct Justice
    In the end some 40 people pled guilty to “Watergate” related crimes.
    That above were all of President Nixon’s crimes, that was the Cancer on his presidency.!!

  7. First of all no one should call anyone names!!! No one has proof or evidence to call president Trump narcisstic, incompetent, liar, racist con-man and especially a sexual predator!!!! When president Trump goes to court for being a sexual predator and found guilty, than we can believe this!!!! Until that happens, that is a pretty harsh statement to call anyone!!!! If anyone is a Christian here you just don’t throw stones!!!! That’s not what Jesus wants!!!! If u believe our president isn’t a Christian , which I don’t personally don’t know his beliefs, than you pray for him!!! I feel as Christian’s , we have a duty to stick together and show this world love, doing for our neighbors, praising God and showing our faith!!!! If our president happens to be impeached, than we need to pray for our country and put it in GOD’S hands!!!! Instead of everyone throwing stones , go out in this world and do something good!!!! AMEN

    • How do I know this President has a narcissistic personality disorder ? Because I grew up under the thumb of such a person!! I recognize the behavior and have suffered through the damage such a person can inflict on a helpless family . That person was the head of a family, not a leader of an entire country , so damage was limited to the immediate family unit . Our President was born rich and lived in a world where he could indulge his every whim , good and bad. Image such a man with an ego so immense that he believes everyone around him exists solely for his purposes . Imagine such a man so vain and cocky that he creates an alternate version of reality whenever the facts threaten to destroy the illusions he believes are real . Now imagine such a man with the power of a President ? Don’t tell me that our President is not mentally or emotionally fit to sit in the Oval Office ! My eyes and ears have seen enough and I have the experience of knowing such a man .

    • Actually, he’s been proven a liar many, many times over (on tape). He’s lied at his rallies for all the world to see. Do the research. And, I can say, having a friend who worked with the transition, he IS incompetent! His administration has been shown to be the most ill prepared of any, period. Because he’s been proven to be a liar, I have no doubt at least one woman accusing him of sexual impropriety is telling the truth. Time will show him for what he really is. He’s not a Christian in my book and those who truly believe he is need to do some soul searching.

      • He was a registered Democrat. He changes his mind with the wind. He says he’s going to do one thing and then does another. He believes all government employees should not do their job if it has an impact on him. I don’t think he even knew that there are checks and balances. He hates the courts because he expects them to agree with him and when they don’t he has a fit. He is definitely a narcissist. It’s all about him….he does not respect the courts or the justice system that was put into place to prevent emperor like conduct from Presidents and that is why we have a republic…theoretically with liberty and justice for all. He doesn’t act very Christian.

    • You need a reality check, Cheryl. Being a Christian is not an excuse for putting your head in the sand. It’s a reason to be strong, and recognising that Trump is a weak minded unpleasant and possibly dangerous individual when put in his position as President takes strength. Doing something about it takes even more.

    • Not that I am religious in the traditional sense, but Jesus used very harsh words against those who had hard hearts, who oppressed others, or who misled others in the name of their self-serving and divisive ‘truth’. Sound familiar?

    • Well, I believe this but I also believe that God does not want us to support bad behavior in ANY form. If you actually believe that Trump is not narcissistic, a liar, a sexual predator, etc. then you have been living in an alternate universe. Better to admit we made a mistake in electing him and pray for the future.

    • I’m sorry but Donald has said and done disgusting things that we have all heard and we don’t need a court to declare him guilty. Open your eyes. Let’s leave God out of it because he has nothing to do with it. Good Day to you.

  8. Jesus said you reap what you sow. sounds a lot like the law of Karma.
    he said suffer the little children come to me
    and that the poor would always be with us.
    Love the Lord god with all your heart and your neighbor as your self.

    it does not take a religious scholor to recognize lies, dishonesty, self centered ness, and a man of no charcter who wont pay his bills. I do not have to be living among the rocks at the foot of the cross to discern right from wrong.
    I so not discern truth from what I believe to be true
    I go by fact facts and nothing but the facts.
    belivenig something to be true is faith with no evidence.
    Trump leaves evidence everywhere. only one blinded by belief could swallow his lies. I feel sorry for those who do. but I respect your position.
    the Potter

  9. Trump”s Cabinet Meeting said it far better than words. Here we see an ideologue basking in his greatness. His Cabinet admirers will squirm over their words for the rest of their days. That Meeting could well have been located in North Korea. The sooner he’s crowned the sooner he can be impeached.


  10. Lost Thoughts – This Writer is Merely a Tape Recorder – All this Drivel can be found in the Liberal Media every second of the day and night – if you agree with any of this you are yourself simply lacking in Wisdom and you have over many years been lured into a Trap. You do not have Control of your Thought but you think you do. Your Only Hope is to Run to the Foot of the Cross and Commit your Life to Jesus. You then will see Clearly – I once was blind but now I see. Humble yourself and you will be Delivered – If it were not for my Bowing my Knees 32 years ago, I’d be thinking exactly like you all. Jesus says – whom the Son sets Free – Is Free Indeed. Bless you all

    • Better leave this message for Dear and Glorious Leader. He is in serious need of Jesus.

    • I’m sorry, but this evangelical hypocrisy needs to end. Jesus would never approve of or support a sexual predator, habitual liar, racist con-man, career sociopath and narcissist who makes love to other people’s money daily. Sounds like the only person lured into a trap is you.

      • Yet, Jesus would dine with prostitutes, tax collectors and would “pardon” adultresses…….

        I really really really really do not think that you would be an authority on what Jesus would approve or or support.

      • Hmmm the Jesus I know ate with sinners, had a tax collector as a disciple, and preached forgiveness. “He here who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    • I’m reminded of the story about the three wise men. The first one upon entering into the stable trod on a rake which tipped up and his him in the face. upon which he yelled “Jesus Christ!!” Joseph said unto the wise man who had been hit by the rake “Hey that’s a good name we were going to call him Fred but Jesus will do very nicely.”

    • What does Jesus have to do with having an unqualified, incompetent, narcisstic, lying, greedy, hateful man as president? You cannot be implying that Trump is Christian?! Trump is the one who needs to accept your Jesus…not his innocent victims.

      • Please add the name of the last President of the United States to your list of people who qualify for your value judgements and perhaps then I may agree with your biased conclusions.

    • Jesus was a liberal. It was from his teachings that I learned to be a liberal, long before the “liberal” media existed.

  11. Self righteous and just downright mean. Not quite a verbal equivalent to a Kathy Griffin visual, but the snarky vitriol comes from the same hate filled well. You are better than this John. Even I was surprised you would say this was maybe the best you have read on Trump.

    • Sam, do you remember the birther movement? The claim that Barak Obama was a Kenyon and not a U.S. citizen? Also a Muslim? Do you remember who was behind that vicious lie? Who STARTED that vicious lie? Snarky vitriol comes from many hate-filled wells. Mean is never good. But the mean we have now is well-practiced, intentional mean. Don’t fall for it, my brother.

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