Michael Gerson Explains the Court Evangelicals

U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump shakes hands with Jerry Falwell Jr. during a campaign event in Sioux City Iowa

REUTERS/Dave Kaup – RTX24V1N

Today in the Washington Post, columnist Michael Gerson explained why Jerry Falwell Jr. and other Court Evangelicals are so attracted to Donald Trump:

  1. Evangelicals do not have a “body of social teaching equivalent, say, to Catholic social doctrine.”  Yes, they oppose abortion, but they do not extend life issues to health care and immigration.
  2. Evangelicalism is “racially and ethnically homogeneous.”  This means that Trump’s white populism is often left “unchallenged.”
  3. Trump offers a “secular version of evangelical eschatology” that fits well with the “evangelical narrative of moral and national decline.”

Gerson concludes:

In the Trump era, evangelicals have gotten a conservative Supreme Court justice for their pains — which is significant. And they have gotten a leader who shows contempt for those who hold them in contempt — which is emotionally satisfying.

The cost? Evangelicals have become loyal to a leader of shockingly low character. They have associated their faith with exclusion and bias. They have become another Washington interest group, striving for advantage rather than seeking the common good. And a movement that should be known for grace is now known for its seething resentments.

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