Congratulations Abby Blakeney!

Abby 2

Today is Abby Blakeney’s (forefront, pictured with her history major classmates) last day at The Way of Improvement Leads Home

You have seen her waving hand across the camera frame while filming the Virtual Office Hours. And many of you have corresponded with her in her role as the editor of The Author’s Corner.

Today was Abby Blakeney‘s last day of work at The Way of Improvement Leads Home. She produced three seasons of the Virtual Office Hours and facilitated nearly 100 author interviews at this blog.  Needless to say, I was thrilled and proud to watch her graduate from Messiah College today with a history major and a social studies teaching certificate.

Abby is heading back to the Allentown, PA area where she hopes to land a history/social studies job in the Fall.  If you are a school principal or superintendent you need to snatch her up immediately!  You will not be disappointed!

Thanks you so much Abby for all of your excellent and indispensable work at The Way of Improvement Leads Home!


Abby Blakeney (middle)

Abby 3

Abby had a very cool cap

Abby 4