Trump Will Be Back at Liberty University Next Week


The POTUS will be delivering the Liberty University commencement address next Saturday.  Many are very excited that Trump will be there.  One donor gave the college a large painting of Trump to honor the occasion.  You can see Jerry Falwell Jr. and his son unpacking it here.

Here is a taste of Joe Heim’s Washington Post article on Trump’s visit to Lynchburg, Virginia next week:

Seniors Meredith Boyce, 22, of Rochester, Minn., and Hannah Kuster, 22, of Louisville, both voted for Trump. Aside from possible logistical headaches of security screenings for a presidential visit, they are expecting a memorable and enjoyable commencement. Like Wood, they think that Trump’s appearance will help put Liberty on the map. But they are also a bit nervous.

“There’s definitely some apprehension because he can say crazy things,” said Boyce. “I’m just praying no one does anything stupid.”

Caleb Brown, 21, a junior from High Point, N.C., says he considers it a blessing that Trump is coming. But he’s looking for more than just a stump speech.

“As long as he puts America before himself, he’ll do a lot more good than if he is just about his ego,” Brown said. “I want him to be specific, not just more rhetoric.”

For some minority students, disagreements with Trump are sharper.

Nursing student Deliani Velez walked with her friends Laina Marble and Jenna Reitz along University Drive, where speakers attached to lamp posts deliver low-decibel Christian pop and hymns as students traverse campus. Velez will be at Liberty during commencement, but won’t attend the ceremony, which is open to all students.

“I consider myself a feminist and I’m Hispanic, so that clashes a lot with Trump,” said Velez, 19, a sophomore from Springfield, Mass. “I’m not really stoked about it.”

Joshua Abrahams, 20, a freshman from Manhattan, is not a fan either.

“He’s a great businessman, but his comments are unnecessary. He insults everybody and I don’t like that,” said Abrahams, who is black. “My Caucasian friends are excited that he’s coming. My African American friends are not.”

Despite some pushback, students agreed any significant protest is unlikely. It’s not the Liberty way, they say, even for those who don’t approve of the president. Last fall, Dustin Wahl, a junior from South Dakota, founded Liberty United Against Trump. He and approximately 2,000 others in the Liberty community signed a statement that read in part, “Not only is Donald Trump a bad candidate for president, he is actively promoting the very things that we as Christians ought to oppose.” But Wahl, who will attend commencement to see his girlfriend and other friends graduate, doesn’t anticipate any fireworks.

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