Get Up to Speed on the Response to Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Liberty

Trump Exec

On Thursday, Donald Trump signed an executive order “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty.”  We commented here and here.

Here is what others are saying about the order:

Jaweed Jaleem at the Los Angeles Times on how religious leaders who push politics end up in trouble.

Daniel Silliman offers some historical reflection from the early 20th century.

The Economist says Trump “released a dud.”

Writing at the National Review, David French says the order is “worse than useless.”

Over at The Washington Post Sarah Pulliam Bailey says that the order was a “boost” to white evangelicals.

Caleb Gayle wonders if the order will “embolden progressive Christians.”

The Chicago Tribune calls is an “executive order of religious nothingness.”

Alissa Wilkinson at VOX points out that the order “doesn’t come close to his campaign promises.”

David Harsanyi at The Federalist calls the order “a big disappointment.”

Paul Waldman calls is a “scam.”

The Los Angeles Times says Trump “exaggerates a threat to religious freedom.”

Dahlia Lithwack at Slate describes the executive order as a “nonsolution to a nonproblem–with a dangerous side effect.”

Terry Mattingly says the order produced a “groan on the right” and a “snicker” from the ACLU.

2 thoughts on “Get Up to Speed on the Response to Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Liberty

  1. Trumps innocent mind is being duped. Freedom of religon and freedom of speech sound good having no substance. Jesus in us makes us to be free. Jesus in us will bless others not wanting to do anything else. Jesus did not sign a document saying you are therefore free. We free each other. People as it is condemns, prosecutes, convicts and jails each other. That is not freedom. Freedom of religon is a deceptive statement bringing things that take freedoms away.


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