Historians Weigh-In on Trump’s Civil War Comments


I was going to write something about this, but my fellow historians have already said just about everything I would say.   Maybe I will try to post something later.

Here are links to some of the commentary:

This New York Times article quotes Julian Zelizer and Jon Meacham

The Boston.com piece quotes David Blight and Drew Gilpin Faust

The Washington Post reprints a passage from Joy Hakim’s A History of US

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune quotes Eric Foner

Check our Yoni Appelbaum’s piece at The Atlantic

David Graham’s piece at The Atlantic is also worth reading.

NPR turned to its own Jackson expert, Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep

Yahoo News quotes Kevin Kruse, Eric Rauchway, Nicole Hemmer, and Meacham


One thought on “Historians Weigh-In on Trump’s Civil War Comments

  1. As an educator, I’ve long felt the most elementally depressing thing about Trump is that he reads like a bad student essay. Grandiose generalizations untethered from facts, non-sequiturs,, and a wafflish colloquialism that says nothing (“It’s crazy how people way back then were were fighting each other so we could become the country we are today.”)


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