“And then the murders began”

I recently ran across this great tweet from writer Marc Laidlaw:

So I thought I would have some fun with it.

“John Erickson sits at a table in his home in Crawford, Nebraska, on a chilly March 2015 morning.  And then the murders began.”  The Bible Cause: A History of the American Bible Society

“Every fall I walk into a large lecture hall filled with students for the first day of History 141: United States History Survey to 1865.  And then the murders began.”  –Why Study History: Reflecting on the Importance of the Past

“During the week of June 11, 2007, four thousand Christians converged on Williamsburg, Virginia, to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of the founding of Jamestown–the first successful English colony in North America.  And then the murders began.”–Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction

“On the morning of Friday, July 16, 1773, Philip Vickers Fithian awoke early and traveled from his Greenwich, New Jersey, house across the Cohansey to Fairfield.  And then the murders began.”  –The Way of Improvement Leads Home: Philip Vickers Fithian and the Rural Enlightenment in America.

HT: Jonathan Wilson