Trump on Fox and Friends

Trump met with some friendly reporters today from the Fox News Channel morning show “Fox and Friends” in anticipation of his big speech address tonight before Congress.


A few comments:

  • As is often the case, Trump praises Fox News for their favorable coverage of his presidency.  In the context of a conversation about his use of Twitter, Trump tells these three Fox hosts that “I don’t have to go around you folks.”  The sad part of this whole exchange is that the Fox hosts don’t seem bothered by the fact that the POTUS sees them as little more than court “journalists.” Where is their integrity? Do they realize that the POTUS is insulting them and continues to insult their work as journalists and news people every time he gives them a “shout out.”
  • I know that this has been said before, but it is always good to remind everyone that we now have a POTUS who prides himself in his ability to communicate complex issues to the American people in 140 character tweets.  Think about that one.
  • Trump says that Barack Obama is behind the leaks in his administration and the protests in the streets.  Princeton historian Kevin Kruse reminds us that back in the 1970s Richard Nixon blamed the Watergrate probe on the Kennedy family.
  •  Trump distinguishes his immigration policy from Barack Obama’s immigration policy by stressing that he (Trump) is “rounding up the bad people” while Obama did not. He admits that Obama deported a lot of people, but only he (Trump) is deporting the “bad people.” Actually Obama deported more immigrants than any POTUS in American history. Are we to assume that Obama targeted only good undocumented immigrants?  I thought Trump believed that all undocumented immigrants were “bad people.”

OK–I’ll stop there.  If all goes well I will be live-tweeting Trump’s address tonight. Follow @johnfea1